How to stop volume fans from closing up?

Your volume fans keep closing up.

Instead of fluffy look - you get thick messy look.

Read more to find out how to stop fans from closing up.

You've learned how to make volume fans and now you can get your clients voluminous, fluffy lashes.

But sometimes even though you know how to make volume lashes, your fans close up and look like thick single lashes. Frustrating, right?

What can you do to make your volume fans stay wide open? How to make volume fans so they look neat and even?

Here are 6 tips how to make volume fans properly without a risk of closing them up.

1. Use the right amount of glue. Unlike single lashes, volume fans should not be dipped in glue. You only touch a glue lightly, only at the base of a fan. 1-2 mm is best. If you get too much glue - it'll go up your fan and close it up.

2. Use a quick drying glue. With a slower drying glue - there's a risk that it won't dry up quick enough to keep the lashes in place and by the time it's dried - they're already closed up.

3. Humidity. Most of lash adhesives require certain humidity level in the air. Check with your supplier what humidity your glue works the best in. If humidity level in your lash room is too low or too high - it may affect making volume fans (due to a glue not drying quick enough)

4. Don't release your fan too quickly. Place it on a natural lash, press slightly and hold few seconds. It'll allow the glue to dry up and keep lashes fanned out.

5. Right tweezers. Make sure your tweezer close up completely. Each tweezer has its 'gripping spot'. Try grip volume fans at a different area of your tweezer head; closer to top, middle or base - once you've found the best 'pinch spot' - remember to grip your fans that way every time you pick them. Even 1-2mm can make a difference. Practice!

6. Be patient, don't hurry up. Making perfect volume fans requires patience and time. It's very precise job and you shouldn't try to speed it up. Usually a volume set takes from 2-3 hours, depending on how many natural lashes your client has and what lashes you do (6D volume lashes are probably trickier than 2D, hence take longer to do).

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