6 Tips on How to make lashes look fuller?

Some of us are lucky enough to have full lashes. They're long and thick and there is lots of them. But not everyone has been granted beautiful set of eyelashes. Sometimes you have a client with fine, sparse lashes, possibly damaged by previous badly applied lash extensions, or they simply never had full lashes. You offer them 1:1 single lashes and they look great, but your client asks for fuller look. What can you do make them look fuller?

This article will help you achieve fuller look, especially if you're not trained in volume technique.

1. Make sure you use each suitable lash. By suitable we mean straight (not broken) lashes, that are fully grown or at least are not baby lashes (you can tell by looking at their length and thickness. Baby lashes are tiny, usually very fine. Leave them to grow - they won't hold extensions and extending them may make them stop growing and weaken them). Use all suitable lashes, no matter how long it takes to apply extensions to all of them.

2. Avoid using very long lash extensions. While with naturally full lashes, long lash extensions look great, with sparse lashes long extensions will look even more sparse. Choose shorter lengths and explain your client that will make them look fuller.

3. Consider using flat lashes. They're single lashes, usually in 0.15 thickness that have rhomboid shape (standard lashes are cylindrical). They weigh as much as classic lashes, but look thicker due to their flat (rhomboid of ellipse) shape. If your client has very fine natural lashes, use 0.10 thickness flat lashes and they'll get her fuller look without weighing lashes down. You can find good flat lashes HERE - they soft, natural looking and help achieve fuller look.

4. Use different sizes along the way. You may be already using few lengths (shorter in the inner corners, then long ones in the middle section etc), but also try to use shorter lengths between longer lashes. For example: if you do 11's use some 8's and 9's in between to create fuller effect and depth. Good quality single lashes can be found HERE.

5. Try pre-made volume fans. They look like 2, or 3 single lashes stuck together at the base with fanned out tips. That's perfect way to add fullness if you can't offer volume lashes. You can either use just pre-made fans, or mix them with classic single lashes for more voluminous effect. Take a look at our pre-made fans. They come in trays or loose in pots.

6. Stacking technique. If you're not trained in volume technique, you can try stacking. It's applying 2 lash extensions, one on top of the other, using same or different lengths to create a V shape. That will double the amount of lashes your client gets. Make sure you use thinner extensions for stacking; preferably 0.07 or 0.10 max, otherwise they'll weigh too much. Don't use too much glue either. If you're not sure what 0.10/0.07 lashes to use - try these - they're flexible, soft and never lose curl.

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