3 steps of eyelash prep before application

November 8, 2018

Every time you do eyelash extensions, whether you are applying a full set or just infills, you should make sure lashes have been properly cleansed prior to application. Any debris, dirt, oil or residue on natural lashes may cause a barrier between a lash and glue. It may (and it will!) cause retention issues. 

Inform your clients that they should come without any eye make up or a moisturiser. All make up, especially mascara should be removed with oil-free make up remover prior lash appointment. 


Here are 3 steps of lash preparation (also known as pre-treatment) that help lashes last longer (and keep natural lashes healthy)


1. Cleanse lashes (with or without extensions) with a Lash Shampoo. It's a gentle foam you squirt directly onto client's closed eyes. You can also apply few pumps to the back of your hand and then distribute foam into the lashes with a lip wand. Make sure it doesn't get into a client's eyes.





 2. Rinse the foam with a saline solution. Some lash pro's suggest using distilled/purified water instead. It removes remaining foam/lash cleanser. Dry lashes using - blot with paper towel. Saline removes proteins and oil from the lashes.


3. Use a witch hazel or Lash Primer to prime lashes. Before priming, apply eye gel patches, as primer should never have contact with skin. Apply a small amount of primer onto disposable micro-brush. Prime all lashes thoroughly. Let them dry and comb.