4D Volume lashes - Before and After (and few words) :-)

😍 I had such a great pleasure to work with that dolly face client, with her naturally long and thick eyelashes. She came this morning and asked for noticeable, dramatic and "in your face" effect. I suggested 3D volume, as she hasn't had volume lashes before (only individual). Plus her own lashes were really full. She said she'd go for 4D to get more dense and super dramatic look. And here we are. The effect can be seen on this short slide. I loved it and so did she, although she seemed quite shocked when she'd seen them. Anyway - she was happy and went home. Few minutes later she came back, apparently upset, nearly crying, saying that she phoned her friend and she insisted to get them removed, as in her opinion they were way too over the top, way too full. I offered to remove some of them, so they're not as full. Then she said she would rather have them "as natural as possible", cause that's how her friend had advice her.. Oh dear.. poor girl.. I felt so sorry for her, she was literally shaking. Eventually I removed 1/3-1/2 of them so she ended up with 2D/3D effect which she was happy with.. That only proves how important an initial consultation is to figure out what your client really wants. 😉

Products used:

D-curl 0.07 9mm-13mm - to buy HERE