S-type Volume Tweezer - 3 minute test

Another video in which I'm testing one of our Dream Lashes Volume Tweezers. What I wanted to prove is that you can successfully make 100% correct, nice looking fans with those tweezers, even in rush.

I thought I'd see how many good 4D fans I can make in 3 minutes. How exciting!!! By 'good fans' I considered those that are nice, evenly shaped, rather wide than narrow (however narrow fans, unless too narrow - are correct too). Watch the video and see that even when you're in rush - you can still make good fans if you have the right tweezer!! By the way - look carefully what technique I'm using. Both hands/tweezers are involved, which makes my work quicker, easier and more efficient. This time I was testing S-type volume tweezer. One of my favourite :)