3D volume set in 1.5 hour? YES!

If you hear that someone can make a set of lashes (any lashes!) in 40 minutes - don't believe them! It's physically impossible, UNLESS you miss a lot of lashes and not cover 100% of natural (and suitable) lashes, or you hurry up to much and get lashes stuck together. That can only end up with clumped up lashes that are hard to brush and eventually get pulled out by those growing quicker. Sad news - it's quite common practice, that lash technicians don't pay enough attention to how they apply lash extensions. The worst scenario is - you not only glue lashes together, (cause you're hurrying), but you also use a glue that is too thick and doesn't dry up fast enough. Believe it or not - even if your clients doesn't see it in the mirror - they can FEEL it! The lashes are hard to comb (a brush doesn't go through smoothly) and it even hurts every time they blink. Lashes feel heavy and each time they move their eyes - they feel their lashes, which of course is not what's supposed to be happening.

It"s hard to determine how long a set of lashes should take you. Not too short and not too long (that's the answer we always love to hear, isn't it?) LOL

It depends on how many natural lashes your client has, whether they're 'easy' to do, or 'tricky' (we all have clients with lashes that we love doing, while others have much more trickier ones, right?)

It also depends on how many lashes you aim to cover. 100%? 50%? The more the better and the more lashes put on, the longer it takes (obviously!)

And finally - it's up to what glue you use. Is it quick drying glue? How quick? Is it watery or thick? The thicker glue the longer it dries up. Generally thick glues are not recommended, as they tend to stick lashes together and make them hard to separate. The thinner your glue is - the quicker it dries up so it helps you work fast. Plus - if it's thin - you don't get too much of it (unless you really try, but please, don't!)

The volume set below was made in only 96 minutes precisely, because of the glue drying time! Dream Lashes Master-PRO glue dries in 0.5-1 sec., so there is no risk of clumps and lashes stuck together. It's very watery so you only get as much as needed. You don't need to worry about blobs of glue, visible on a lash base.

I covered 100% suitable lashes, but if you go for 70% - it's still ok, but remember - the fuller, the better. and the more lashes you put on - the longer they'll look great!

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