Dream Lashes PRE-MADE 5D FANS - single length

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Dream Lashes 5D pre-made fans
Material: synthetic mink
Thickness 0.07 (per each individual lash in a fan)
As thin as made by hand, fanned out 0.07 lashes
Curl: D (but more like strong C)
60 fans / tray
Length: 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm - single length trays

Designed for all eyelash technicians; from beginners to very experienced ones in volume technique. 
5D pre-made fans require same skills as 1:1 classic eyelash extensions. 
They save you time if you want to fill the gaps quickly or add more volume to sparse lashes.
Perfect as an addition to classic sets to create fuller effect. Lightweight, with no knot.

3D pre-made fans in SINGLE length trays - available HERE
3D pre-made fans in MIXED length trays temporarily out of stock

How to take off pre-made fans from the strip? (Watch the video HERE)
1. Use a tweezer to remove each fan from the strip individually
2. Grab a base of a fan with a tweezer and bend upwards and away from you gently, until you get U shape
3. Keep pulling the fan slowly away from you until it comes off the strip
4. Put it away on a silicon lash pad or sponge
5. Use one by one same way as you use individual lashes

Be careful - don't bend fan too much as it can break it or leave unnecessary bend

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Dream Lashes PRE-MADE 5D FANS - single length